New Coil Stiffener plus repair part for Standard bolt
  • New Coil Stiffener plus repair part for Standard bolt

    Minelab Equinox 600&800 11" Coil Strengthener & Repair part all in one! Includes 2 x zip ties.

    Uses standard minelab nut and bolt!


    This Item is for the 11" coil only, 15" size to be added soon.

    This is a coil strengthener and repair part all in one! Whilst the standard coil Strengtheners are great, if your coil lug breaks out in the field then thats it for the day, but with our new strengthener and repair part if your coil lug breaks while you are out you probably won't even notice until you go to swap coils!. Held to your coil with 2 x zip ties it makes sure your still attached to the shaft at all times.


    Fits standard shaft only, for Teleknox and other shafts see our "beast" range of strengtheners.

    Takes the standard Minelab coil bolt!
    Made from tough durable plastic
    Fits in less than 2 mins
    Could save the day if your miles from home

    Available in Black or Red, please select from the dropdown box.
    Another in-house design from

    The bolt and nut in the pictures are for reference only and are not included in the sale.